You can’t always get want you want…when you don’t know what it is

Have you ever gotten exactly what you wanted, only to find out it didn’t feel as good as you had thought? At least in that moment you have the satisfaction of accomplishing something. Even worse, many of us wander through business, family and life doing what we’re told we should but not knowing where we want it to lead. As my life has gotten busier the last couple of years, I’ve been forced to evaluate what I want, not just selfishly but for those around me and as a Christian with a purpose much bigger than myself.

Kids – I want to raise healthy, secure, independent kids who serve the Lord. My friend Dr. Meg Meeker says our goal is to raise a healthy 25 year old. Whew! Pressures off when the 3 year old isn’t exactly as I’d hoped he’d turn out. But at the same time, what am I doing now to begin to really build all of those characteristics into my children? We all know how fast the years slip by.

Business – We all chase things like expansion, profit and growth. But why? Ultimately, what does it give us? At The A Group, we have a plan that shows how growth will allow us to impact more faith-based organizations who are doing great work. And personally, I know what that means for me, my family, and for my ability to give. Now that’s a reason to get up every morning.

Once you know what you really want, lining up your days, weeks and years to get to that goal makes more sense. Every day you should take another intentional step. Some steps will be small but they’re all headed in the right direction.

Ask yourself, what am I doing today to get closer to reaching my goals? Or better yet, maybe you need to ask yourself, where am I headed anyways?

  • Jessica Miller Kelley

    Some of the wisest advice I’ve received was from an old boss who told me, “You will continue to excel at what you want–so know what you want.”

    I thought of those words so often over the last year when making a big change in my professional life.

  • Shannon Litton

    Oh, you’re so right. Knowing what you want has probably played a big role in your recent transition. That’s great advice.