Stretched but not broken

Have you ever tried to get 5 sleeping kids out of bed and to the basement at 3am during a tornado siren? I have — as of last night. Actually, this whole year has been full of firsts. Some exciting, some scary and some just really, really hard.

Just this time last year, I had barely shared with anyone my surprise news that we were adding child #5. I was still in shock myself. We would be watching our family grow from 2 to 5 kids in just 15 months. For a few weeks, I really feared we wouldn’t make it. I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew it wasn’t good.

If I’ve learned one thing, though, it is that we really don’t know what we can handle until we try. Our family has been stretched. Stretched to where it was painful some days, but we made it. I’m learning patience. I’m learning priorities. I’m learning to take things one day at a time.

Every once in a while I wonder what life would be like today if we hadn’t adopted our boys or had our daughter. We’d be a “normal” family of 4 with more money and more sleep. We’d probably be taking a Disney cruise for spring break instead of budgeting for diapers and formula. But of this I am sure — I wouldn’t be as utterly dependent on God for daily strength. I’d still be walking in a false sense of control.

I’m grateful that God stretches me without breaking me. I look at my sweet 5-month-old daughter and can’t believe that I get to rock a baby to sleep again. His big plan is just right. And Disney cruise or not, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  • Your Haiti travel partner :)

    David was out of town last night so I had the pleasure of carrying my 8 year old down at 3 a.m. Luckily my 14 year old was able to walk! :) I am sure trying to get 5 little ones moved around in the wee hours of the night was quite stressful! You are such a great mom and a awesome person! I am so thankful to have met you and really appreciate all your support! You are an inspiration!!!

  • Becky Turner

    Great word, Shannon! Trust all is well for you.