Not expecting this…

New year’s day usually stands for a fresh start…expectations…and new opportunities. It took that to a new level for us this year when on January 1, we found out we were expecting – yes, as in expecting our fifth child. Though that doesn’t really seem like the right term since we very much were NOT expecting this.

Since then, we’ve slowly shared our news with friends and family. We’ve gotten lots of fun questions and reactions, including:

“Come on, when you found out, didn’t you laugh?”

No, let me be perfectly honest. We both sat on the bathroom floor and cried. For two weeks I wouldn’t talk about it. Go ahead and judge…yes, I know every child is a blessing. But understand this – we spent the last two years in a state of “unknown” and we really just felt like we lost control of our great life plan…again. I guess we didn’t learn the “we’re not really in control” lesson through the adoption process. I hope we get it this time.

“Did you always want a big family?”

I remember a conversation we had when my oldest daughter was about 3. We were trying to decide if it would be OK if our oldest was an only child. We really liked our life. Then we decided we probably could handle just one more child, and life would be perfect. We never saw ourselves having lots of kids. But we are finding that there are lots of surprising advantages to having a big family.

“You know God won’t give you more than you can handle.”

I think God over-estimated us. But I hope He proves me wrong.

And my favorite…“How do people with four young children find time to get pregnant?”

No comment.

Here’s what I do know: God has never let us down. I had no idea how we would handle a one and two-year-old last year when we brought home our boys from Ethiopia, but we’ve more than “handled” it. There is no doubt those boys were meant to be Littons. God’s plans have always been bigger than ours. I’m just starting to wonder how BIG they really are…

  • Pete

    This is what you get for being the agent on a book called Plan B. :)

    God’s got some huge plans for you guys and I can’t wait to see them all unfold.

  • Jana Burson

    I want to hug you right now! :) God chose someone fabulous for His BIG plans!

  • Mom

    I am so proud of the big hearts I see in you and Joel. I couldn’t be more excited about this new little addition to our family!

  • michelle

    Congratulations, Shannon. I’ll be praying for you as you continue to mentally adjust to the new baby but am convinced that God is already knitting this child into your heart as He hems him (or her) together in your womb. Thanks so much for posting, for being so open, and for allowing God to write your story with all the unexpected plot turns along the way. Grace and peace, with love, michelle

  • Karen

    The Lord won’t give you more than you can handle! :) Congrats! I will let your Uncle Ed know at noon, when he comes home for lunch. I’m betting on a boy!

  • Heather

    oh Shannon & Joel, this new baby is so blessed to have the six of you as his or her family.

  • Shannon Litton

    Six!! And baby makes seven! Wow…wow.

    Thanks, Heather!

  • Shannon Litton

    Thanks, Karen! Sure hope to see you and Uncle Ed soon.

  • Esweeney

    That’s hilarious Pete!

  • Esweeney

    Congrats Shannon!!! If you can handle Maurilio you can handle 10 kids! :-)

  • Stephanie Newton

    The best part to me is that last time we were together, you were giving me approval to have another baby when Pete didn’t have a book releasing next year. No baby here, but God found a great place for the baby you had on the brain. Congrats! This baby will be blessed!

  • brandiandboys

    I’d heard this news from your bossman but wasn’t sure it was public yet. God is growing you such a special family with a special story. Can’t wait to watch it unfold.

    Much love to all 7 of you! :)

  • Shannon Litton

    Next book should be called “Happily Ever After.”

  • Shannon Litton

    Yes, it’s getting harder and harder to hide. :)

    Thanks, Brandi! :)

  • Erin

    As your sister it’s been cool watch how you and Joel have more than risen but thrived in each step of this process. It’s been neat to see how not only have you two grown individually but also closer to each other and God. You and the fam have such an incredible story!